ok well my af 2days late now ive got sickness,tiredness,funny taste when i eat all signs being pregnant but done to test yesterday and all bfn so what hell goin on with me could i stil be pregnant or just late arrrghhh help some one please feel like im going mad lol xx


  • Test again in a few days... Good luck x
  • ok so im like 4 days late n no af but test all say bfn what hell is goin on with me any1 else have this xx
  • Hi huni I am the same AF was due Wednesday and still nothing I last tested on Friday 16dpo and clear bfn not even a hint of a line, don't feel at all like AF is coming!!!!! I am 4 days late now? Just started getting slot of White cm so maybe she is coming, I have never missed a period and am normally like clockwork I ov CD 21 so should have 35 day cycle now CD 38???????? How annoying is this:\?
  • do u fink could b possible that still 2 early 2 detect anything or just late n wishful thinking,, i feel like crap thou sickness and tiredness always going wee lol but the get bfn so confusin !!!!
  • I hop you both get your BFP's too...our bodies can be so strange some times, but maybe your beans are just a little shy!!! image xx
  • I had lots of symptoms really early on, but nothing now, which makes me think i wanted it so much I was making the symptoms up!!!! Still really tired, but always am and I am sure my boobs are fuller, but they are not sore!!!!! Going to test again in the morning before we go to Prague, if bfn then I am just going to enjoy the break and then see the doc when I get back if no AF! Really hope it is a shy bean!!!!
  • still no af what hell going on booked doctors 4 this afternoon so hopefully can tell me,, i feel so ill though sore thoart head,been sick, high temp something def up bit worried now image x
  • Hi there, me neither, nothing at all cd 40!!!!!!!!! I am going away today until Saturday, will book to see doc if nothing by then. Let me know what your doc says I will have my phone with me so I can get some updates. Hope all is well x
  • well my doctors told me do urine test send it off sud get results back by friday but ive took antoher test today and still bfn there no way i can be pregnant so im confused n frustrated as t were my af !!!!! xx hope you have better luck than me hun xx
  • Do you have any idea when you ovulated. Do you track it or not?
  • Any sign of AF yet? Still nothing for me it's been a week now???????
  • Any news hun? xxxx
  • nope over week late i feel pregnant thou been sick loads, craving all sorts but when eat it just feel sick, always weeing lol,,but still bfn so im confused went doctors they said just do urine sample and if home test coming bk bfn then so will this so im confused wants going on i cant be pregnant so what else is it !!!
  • Your symptoms sound so promising. Hopefully you have a shy little bean who will wholl give you a bfp very soon. Keep us updated and hope you are okay. xx
  • well been down a&e as had bad pains done another test negative but doctors exam me and my belly and he said im certain your pg that pains are just pg taking place and just taking time so up on test and he gave me test said wait til weekend do another first thing in morning by then will say bfp so fingers crossed ,, they say you test after 6weeks wow didnt no that xx
  • Wow, whispering congrats to you. Wishing you all the best of luck for your bfp. xx
  • oh wow, that's so great! Let us know how you get on at the weekend! x
  • Wow huni that sounds so promising. Not sure I will be in the same boat... Very early on had so many symptoms, but convinced myself I am not pg and have no symptoms now at all.... Very bloated and constipated but nothing else..... Although I really hope I do get news like that!!!!!! Congratulations x
  • Any update hun? I am still away so no chance to test or see doc yet. Did you test again yet or not? All this is driving me crazy.... Am I or aren't I???????
  • well just update really my af came in the end really clottey n onli lasted 4days wondering weather bother trying again doctor said i need have smear done make sure everything ok nice fault lol hope you lady have better luck than me xxxx
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