is it possible to have an ovulation bleed??


Once again my body is completely confusing me, just when i thought things were getting back to normal.

My last period was april 1st to april 6-7th and since monday iv had what looks like old blood in my pants. not very much but its very annoying as i now have to wear pantyliners all the time.

Im wandering whether it could be an ovulation bleed or something?? i had quite alot of cervical mucus saturday and sunday (sorry tmi!) do you reckon it could be an ovulation bleed???

Again, i am very confused lol



  • It could be implantation bleed where the embryo is imbedding in the lining of uterus! In which case you have already ov and conceived!! good luck hope it sticks xx
  • I also read somewhere too you can ovulation bleed. In fact I had a tiny bit of blood in my ewcm this month when I was OVing.

  • I have had EXACTLY the same thing!! I came off pill 07/04 finished AF last tuesday and since Monday have had cramps and spot bleeding! I am confused too!! Surely I can't be ovulating this quickly! Unless I am going to have very short cycle!

    It's nice to know it's not only me though! I have been advised that it could be ovulation or implantation? I am not sure though, and would be gobsmacked if I was PG already! I really don't think I am
  • Thanks for your replies!
    Well, i know its definately not implantation bleeding. Me and my OH arent going to start ttc until around july and we havent been practicing at all this month so there hasnt been any opportunity to fall.

    Im hoping it isnt nothing serious and is just a normal situation. Although if it continues into next week then im going to make an appointment with my gp.

    Iv had similar bleeds to this before an never found out what he problem was.

    My first lasted for 3 weeks and i was given some tablets to stop it which did work i think they were progesterone or something like that. About 2 months after the bleed i fell pregnant but unfortunatley miscarried.

    My second bleed was last november and that only lasted about a week so i wasnt given any tablets and then the following month i fell pregnant but again i miscarried.

    Im just hoping the bleeds are linked to the miscarriages!!

  • second month of this strange bleed again. im not sure whether it is actually ovualtion tho, its obviously something to do with the hormones but i just dont know what! The bleeding started about 2 weeks and 1 day after the first day of my last period and it has just about stopped now, it only lasted a week roughly.

    I did see the doctor who done a quick internal examination but said everything seems to be ok and thinks its down to the hormones. I rang charing cross to send me a sample kit but i found out today that they only test the hcg levels and not other hormones so its not going to tell me what is actually going on.

    Im not sure what to do now and i dont actually know if i am ovulating. I have absolutley none of the symptoms i used to get before my last miscarriage. I do get quite alot of CM but iv always had quite alot so its nothing i can really rely on.

    I know some ladies experience it just before AF or just after AF has gone but does anyone experience it regularly in the middle of the cycle??

    I was hoping to start ttc next month but i dont think im going to be able to, ill have to see whether it happens again and i think i might get some ov tests to see if I am actually ovulating. Are they very accurate though?? iv never actually used one before!
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