OMG! Maybe the change hasnt quite got me after all :-)

Hi all. Today is day 126, well actually, its day 1!!!!! Never been so pleased to see an af in my life!!!!! Due to my age, i seriously thought i was going through the change when nothing had happened since January but she is back and for the first time in my life, i have welcomed her with open arms!!!!! :\) Was on the verge of giving up but now i have got my day 2 test booked (although it will be day 5) and my oh has had his swimmers checked just to be sure. So, action plan now, lots of healthy eating, lots of excercise, weight loss, agnus castus and then i may use some opk. So, onwards and upwards and who knows? I could be the oldest one on the site pg if i am very lucky image xxxx :lol: :lol:


  • OHH Great news!!! Lets hope you get pg very very soon!!! Good luck.
  • That's brill news. You sound really positive! hope this month is your month!
  • Hi bluebird i posted for you on the fao older ladies ttc post. I think its fantastic news and im so excited for you. xx
  • Great news, hope you get that bfp quickly-theres hope for us oldies yet!!xx
  • Thats brilliant, im really pleased for you, what a long wait no wonder you welcomed her with open arms!!
    Hope you have a shorter month with bfp at the end of it x x
  • Wow that sfantastic news hunny!!!!! Now girlies this is one lady who truley deserves her bfp image xxxxxxxxxxx
  • Fab news, good lck with everything.
  • Excellent Bluebird and so glad to hear the Dr's are helping you out too!
    I was told I was menopausal and that I had no chance but have since seen bfp's so there's always a chance.
    Best of the best luck coming your way xxxxx
  • Thank you so much ladies, you are all the best!!!! Neveer been so excited about an af before image So weighing myself tomorrow ready for the assault on the weight loss. 2 weeks to get rid of a few pounds. Must dig my Davina DVD and Anthea video out. I am so happy that i havent reached the change yet although i am sure it isnt far away. Thanks camlo, you have given me some hope! Kim, how sweet of you to say such a nice thing when you are going through sh*t. Love you all. love n stuff, xxxxxx
  • Hey BB, that's such good news...sending you lots and lots of baby dust...all the best.

  • Hey B - I know I don't need to post - so I'll just say - yay!!!
    Text ya in a bit!

  • Well, the witch has well and truly done her thing and how fab it feels to be counting again image Day three. Thanks again for all your kind words and thoughts. I know it isnt a bfp but i feel as though i have hit the jackpot. Go away menopause, i just aint ready for you yet!!!! lol.
    lots of love, bluebird xxxxxxxx
  • just wanted to say "yay"!!!

    good luck hun, lots of babydust xxx
  • Yaaay bluebird!! I thought I was heading for an early change (googled symptoms and convinced myself. Bloody google!) then got my bfp. It didnt work out, but still... it was def not the change! Good luck hun! xx
  • Hi mrs_e and babybump4. Thanks for your kind words. I am walking round saying to myself, day four now, day four now! lol. So sorry to hear of your losses, i know i was devastated when i had mine and then work has been the biggest stress city for over a year!!!! No conducive to ttc!!! I am sure that is why my afs stopped although i am at the right age for meonopause. Good luck to you both too, hope you are nuturing another little bean very soon image lots of love, bluebird xxxx
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