Ov pains??

Hi everyone

Today I have had really low pulling / cramping pain on the left and right side around where I believe the ovaries are? Could this be OV pain?image


  • It could be. Mine is usually mainly on one side or the other, but does spread across my abdomen. Mine usually lasts 2-4 hours and builds in intensity. It sometimes also feels like being a bit constipated-tmi.
    Did you have an increase in cm as well? I usually find that mine builds up for a couple of days and then the day after ov it has just about gone.
  • Hi

    My pain did only last a few hours and then eased off, and funny you mention constipation, it did feel a bit like that!! I had build up on CM last week but has eased off in the last couple if days and is now quite dry? That is why I am not sure as haven't seen EWCM!
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