hello ladies

just poping to say hello and i hope everyone is well and to say that good luck on another new month and i hope theirs some very sticky beans out their this may i will be looking out for your bfp's my fingers are crossed for you all and sending baby dust your way =]

emily xx
39 weeks neally 3 days lol


  • Thanks emily hun, on another dreaded AF wait hun am 14dpo and got crampy belly so possibly witch will land any day now and I will be crushed once again.

    So jealous of your avatar hun, I want a baby bump image

    How are you?

  • ooo hunni think positive dont put your self down this month may just be your month =]

    oooo and you will not be saying that when you get as big as i am not haha cant do any thing i loved it at first lool i would give any thing for a good nites sleep =]

    im fine hunny just siting wait in for my waters to go iv had my show and getting niggles nothing serious tho im trying not to go in to town as i wouldnt no wot to say if they went in a show i only have 5 days to my dd

    how are you darls xxx
  • OMG 5 days thats not long image woo hoo!! good luck

    Am fine hun actually had a busy weekend been shopping today bit of retail therapy and went pics tonight to see Date Night it was funny.

    Going on a hen nite tomorrow so looking forward to that.

  • i noo im pooping my self now haha its gone so fast i cant belive it lol and thank you hunnii =]

    ooo i aint been the pictures for ages well not since the bridges went down haha and im so jelous your going on a hen nite =[ iv missed out on so many of my friends 21st with being pregnant it was my 21st on the 23rd of april and i couldnt even go out with my friends for that lol but i am sure i will make up for it sooon =] haha

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