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A Christmas BFP!!!

Well I got my BFP on Christmas Eve!! image
I still can't really believe it, I did a cheap Asda test which came up positive straight away and I ran straight out and bought a Clearblue digital which flashed up Pregnant after about 10 seconds! I decided to wrap it up and leave it with hubby's christmas presents for the next morning. He got the shock of his life when he opened it and just grabbed me and gave me a massive hug and then spent the rest of the day beaming and said it was the best chrismas present ever. We debated whether to tell everyone yesterday but decided against it since it's such early days (about 3 weeks) so I spent last night filling empty lager bottles with lemonade so my family wouldn't guess as it's not like me to not have a drink.
This is my first pregancy so I'm excited but really scared too. I avoided posting anything last week about waiting for AF or symptom spotting out of superstition cos whenever I've done that before she seems to be listening and promptly arrives but I kind of knew last week that something was going on cos I had a glass of wine one day that tasted weird and afterwards I started feeling really tired and then started being sick which went on all night. I had to phone in sick at work the next day and all last week I had no energy at all. I haven't been able to touch wine since so I think it was my body telling me no!
I did an online calculator and it said I'm due 1st Sept, it looks abit lonely over on September so I'm throwing babydust at you all so you can come over and make it abit more crowded.
I really hope this is a start of another run of loads of BFPs.
Leanne xxx


  • Congratualtions what a lovely christmas pressie. xxxxxxxxx
  • Thanks Jenna
    I've just replied to your post over on pregnancy forum and hope everything's ok. x
  • Congratulations!! Just out of interest when was your af due?
  • My AF has been abit irregular but last couple of cycles came on day 32 (Sunday) so I waited to test following day, I don't usually test early cos it's depressing to get a BFN so at least if I hold on there's still some hope!
  • Congratulations hun! I tested on Sunday and got a BFP!! I am in August forum but will also probably lurk in September too as according to the online calculator my due date is 30th Aug! I am impatiently waiting for the docs to reopen tomorrow so i can make an appointment!!
  • Congratulations hun, what a great Christmas present indeed! It was lovely of you to wrap your test and leave it under the tree. I bet you could have burst with excitement waiting for him to open it!!
  • what a fantastic Christmas present.. congrats love.

    Wishing you a healthy and happy pregnancy x
  • Woo hoo!!! What great news Leanne, and a fantastic Christmas present for you both. I'm so happy for you xx
  • congratulations excellent news! Filo x
  • Well done! How long have you been trying?
  • Congratulations hun, what a fab Xmas pressie i bet you wish you had a picture of OH's face when he opened it?!

    Lots of sticky baby dust for you
  • Thanks everybody for your lovely messages, it's so nice to be able to share things with someone seen as I'm keeping it secret from family for now. Unbelievably on boxing day I found out my sister is pregnant too! I didn't know she was trying and she didn't know I was (and still doesn't), she has been bleeding a little bit though and is having a scan monday so I'll wait and see what happens, hopefully if all is ok I can tell her we'll hopefully both have big bumps together!
    Pink toothbrush = we were in our 3rd month ttc so have been very lucky it's happened so quickly.
  • ah what a lovely Christmas presents for you hubby, I bet out of all his presents that was his favourite lol. I too found out I was pregnant but not until Thursday morning.
    Does your Clear Blue digital still say your pregnant, mine doesn't the battery must be pretty crap, thank god I took a photo of it for baby book.
    Congratulations chick
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