FAO Piggypops

Hi hun, i was just wondering if you had done anymore tests?? xx


  • oooh i love FAOs image

    i have done one every morning since but its not any darker, i dont think its a evap as its neg if its not FMU, i have plenty so i will carry on and hope they get darker image
  • Your as bad as me!!! lol. Ive only got 1 more cheapy left so ill be testing tomorrow at 8dpo, if i dont get anything then i will wait till AF shows!
    I had some blood streaked cm today so im sort of expecting af to show up in a wks time!!! Im looking forward to hearing about your line tomorrow! Good luck hun xxx
  • piggypops which brand test did you use? i just got a evaperation line on mine! :roll:
  • no line at all today image
  • they are cheapies from ebay, the ones from hong kong, i am tempted to go get a FR as i have had 3 days of thin pink lines (only with FMU) and now nothing, very odd! but i dont want to waste money and have AF turn up right on time!
  • hmmm, your af is due thurs? so if you tested tomorrow morning with a FR its only 2 days early! if it was me i know i wouldnt be able to resist! there cheap tests are annoying, they dont seem very reliable!

    ashy x
  • i should know better, i didnt get a decent line (well one hubby could see) until 12DPO last time, i suppose its a cheaper way to fuel my POAS addiction :lol:
  • Oh no piggypops, im so sorry to hear that, maybe it was a dud test!! Try again tomorrow with FMU.
    I got a bfn this morning at 8dpo so no more tests unless AF is late, i dont have anymore left so i will have to sit it out!! Good luck for tomorrow hun xxx
  • hope so, i have a different brand of ebay cheapies too, might try them tomorrow x
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