Am I being silly?

hi girls what day would I be due on??

I had my last pill bleed on the 3rd May and that last three days and then on the 31st May I had my first real bleed which last 6 days on and off. I have always thought I was due on sat 28th so tomorrow but my ticker says today??

I am confused?? (it don't take much!!)

K xx


  • you are like me k-lou, i came off pill mid may, i had withdrawal bleed on 15th lasted bout 4 days, then had my period on 31st May, i thought i would be due on this weekend but then came on wednesday (25th), so i dont have a clue whats going on, i dont think our bodies are back to normal after the pill yet xx
  • Tomorrow hun. Obviously only if you end up with a 28 day cycle again! xx
  • it can take a while after coming off the pill for your bodies to settle back down into a normal pattern - it might be that your body has a natural cycle that is more or less than the cycle your pill made your body have.

    Remeber your cycle if from the first day of bleeding, to the day before the next af day of bleeding... I
  • ur due on today really as techinically tomorrow would be cd1 if u came on if that makes sense?!

  • Yeah that is what i thought my last cyc day was 28 days so for now i have to go on that or i wont know if i am late. So i am due on tomorrow though that would be classed as CD1 today is CD28 for me.

    So i am due on tomorrow then?

    K xx

  • Day 28 is today, so 28 day cycle. xx
  • I think you would be due on tomorrow as that makes CD1 and this cycle 28days. Depends if last month you came on cd28 or 29? xxx
  • Oh right ok cool so i am due on tomorrow then I don't come on then I will class sunday as one day late. Thanks girls image

    k XX

  • thats alrite babe, I have a 33 day cycle so ill be due on cd34 but would rather test a day late on cd35. It can be soooooooo confusing xxxx

  • Tell me about it lol I did at first think it was tomorrow and then I saw my ticker and thought oh does that mean I should be due AF today. Never mind I got there in the end. How are you?

    K xx

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