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Ok Gembags, whats your secret?? image

I want to know what you're doing differently to have lost 12lbs in 2 weeks??? It's a fantastic weight loss and i'm so chuffed for you, but now i think it's time to let us in on your secret so we can share some of your glory!! :lol:



  • Can't agree more Dotty Jackie!! lol xx
  • Hello *waving madly*

    No secret sorry wish there was i need to loose about 4/5 stone.
    I have been eating less and doing planty of excersize.
    Sound's odd but i have been eating off my sons plate it's smaller than a normal plate and i cant pack to much dinner on :lol:

    I have tryed to excersize for 20 mins a day. My main difference is i have made time to eat 3 meals, I never eat breakfast and often skip lunch so i have made time to sit and eat..... OH and CHOCOLATE :lol: I love chocolate and i had been eating a chocolate bar a day image and i have stopped.

    Dotty have u had a name change image

    Gems xxxx
  • Sorry to GC but I just wanted to say a big welldone Gems, that's great news that you're doing so well, and it definitely sounds like you're doing it the right way too - good on you!!! xx
  • Thats great Gem, I think i'll take a leaf out of your book, I'm the same as you, I need to lose about 4/5 stone too!! I'm currently sat here with my fruit salad and it's very nice, but kind of defeted by the fact i've had a packet of skips and a choc orange bar!! I shall be more determined tomorrow and follow your example Gem!! Weight loss Gem style here i come!!

    Oh and yes, a slight name change. I kept putting my real name on certain posts and I figured why am i being secretive, there are plenty of Jackie's in the world so i don't think i'll be identified!!

    Well done again on the weight loss, keep us posted on how much you are losing each week, we'll be your slimming club and give you motivation when you need it!! xx
  • lol thank you image

    My OH was reading my post the other day and he went med when i put gems xx at the bottom :lol:
    i think there are a million gems on here image
    I get called gems gemgems jema :lol:
    If people guess that its me from typing gems then there clever.

    Good Luck Jackie with ur weight loss

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm chocolate orange :lol: :lol: :lol:

    gems xxx
  • My name's also Gems and I have to lose 5 stone, too. image I'm not ttc though, as much as I'd love to. I've lost 8lbs in just over two weeks, so not as much as you. Well done, that is an impressive ammount to lose in just two weeks.x
  • YaaaY another gems :lol:
    Good Luck with ur weightloss to xxx
  • YaaaY another gems :lol:
    Good Luck with ur weightloss to xxx
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