Morning everyone.

I've been having lower back problems and when I spoke to the doctors this morning they have said it's sciatica. Normally they would prescribe anti inflammortaries but as we are trying to get PG they said there isn't anything they can do to help image

I'm going to try alternating between hot and cold compresses on my lower back, does anyone have any experience of this and have any tips to help? The pain in my leg is the worst bit!


  • my mum has this at the moment and has been told deffinatly NOT to put hot on. The cold reduces the swelling which is causeing the pain. My mums also seeing a ciropractor (sp!) and hes helped quite a bit, not sure where you would stand TTC tho? I believe a TENs might help block the pain too. The problem is the bottom of the back, not the leg (i know thats where it hurts) so treat the back not the leg, its just that the nerves ob travel down the leg! HTH xx
  • Thanks for the info xx
  • Hi pet. I've had hideous sciatica for years now and it's no fun now I can't take ibuprofen and I'm trying to stay away from paracetamol whilst ttc! I tend to use cold packs as I was told to stay away from heat. It also helps to sleep with a pillow under my knees. Also some gentle stretches - like the ones on this website can help

    When things get really bad and I struggle to move at all, I usually bite the bullet and pay ??29 to see my osteopath!

    Hope this helps pet. xx

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