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I am on to month 3-4 of ttc. We have been trying steadily to fall pregnant since we got married in March, and with the exception of month 2 when hubby felt like he was under too much pressure to perform, we have being busy BDing in the hope of getting a BFP asap (with no luck so far :\( ). Anyway, this week is my fertile week- I started getting watery CM on Monday and it has steadily increased throughout the week. I am due to O today (or possibly tomorrow). So far this week we have BD'd Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs night. I really want to BD again tonight but I don't think hubby will manage it. He always starts well but by day 4 of Bding he starts struggling and when he struggles he stresses himself out so much that he finds it hard to "continue". I really want to BD tonight but I am pretty sure hubby will divorce me if I expect him to perform again tonight without a day of rest.

Question: do you think we have BD'd enough this week or do you think I should try and persuade him to BD tomorrow morning once he has had a rest tonight?

PS. I feel like such a harpy! He actually looks scared everytime I go within 5 metres of him! :lol:


  • My dh is the same, you have to mix it up a bit when you get to day 4 and 5, maybe get some pre-seed as that makes it feel nice or that 's what my dh says! He likes it (and so do I) and it's supposed to help the swimmers!

    Maybe some sexy undies! Anyway I would say if you are due to OV in the next day or so (are you using OPK's to pinpoint it?) then try and bd tonight or tomorrow morning or even Sunday morning.

    Good luck.
  • Thanks for your reply.

    We are trying to keep it interesting but it is difficult when hubby and I know we are both doing it because of the end result! Part of the problem is that he doesn't really have a high sex drive at the moment and so all this BDing is really pushing him that littl bit too far.

    Anyway, he just rang me from work and he said that he was tired but he was trying to sort himself out for later because he knew I would require another "deposit". lol. I think he's hoping the football later will perk him up!
  • hey, i'm g/c from baby, my only advice after ttc for 12 cycles is that bd'ing every day is not necessary. Every other day is sufficient, more than that, as you say OH's get cranky, the fun goes out of it and the stress levels increase...I would give him the night off!

  • I reckon you could def have the night off. You've bd'ed loads this week already. The sperm need a chance to recover, think quality not quantity. Why don't you have a cuddle up with OH and not get down and dirty. Nice to remind yourselves that its not all about BD'ing. Then jump him tomo night, hehe!!
  • Hey
    I am sure I read that bd every other day is best as the sperm need that time to mature. (?)

    Give yourself a rest and get the romance back x
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