Please stop me STOP me, make me see sense!!!! Symptoms???

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH i am sitting downstairs and all i can think about is the pregnancy tests upstairs and i really want to test....!

My cycle is between 28-32 days so AF was between friday just gone and Wednesday if i have a 32 day cycle this month.

I have had no AF symptoms at all so far, no headache, cramps or spots. But i have had this weird pulling feeling near my pelvis area??? very odd. Not really sure what to do...

I am aiming not to test until Friday if AF doesnt arrive by then.

But it is so hard!What symptoms should i be looking out for?

I just feel different to the other months?!

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  • Trying82 here is a slap hun..................pull yourself together and no early POAS for you!! there thats you told ha ha

    Symptoms anything ranging from cm, to sore boobs, heartburn, wind, cramps etc the list is endless, sometimes nausea, headaches.

    Good luck hun I have my fingers crossed for you xx
  • Thanks sparkling diamond i needed that slap!!! Lol do you think testing on Friday is ok then???
  • *slap* from me too!! Don't do it!! I tested today and got a huge BFN! I'm due on Friday! It's so heartbreaking getting BFN so please try and wait as long as you can hun x x x
  • managed to resist the calling yesterday, didnt test lol onto a new day avoiding the tests!x
  • Thwack theres one from me this morning just in case you were thinking about doing that test! he he

    Have a good day hun and try to resist xx
  • Think of it this way, you want to test friday? Well, you've already got rid of your fmu this morning so today is out, and there's only 2 more until you test.

    Sounds nicer than counting in days! So, 2 more fmus to get through and then you can test! But until then *slap* - glad these aren't physical otherwise you'd have handprints on your cheeks! :lol:

    Please resist hon, its heartbreaking seeing a BFN which it most likely would be this early. Not long to go xx
  • Please don't test. I constantly test despite having no cycle and then once i've done one I think well it must be too early so then I'll tests again etc a few days later because I know there's another in the pack etc. Test on friday and that way you will kno for sure either way! xx
  • I am in the same boat, im trying not to test till friday, i haven't even got any tests in the house, but keep veering towards chemists and supermarkets image my AF is due on wed i think x
  • I really want to test tomorrow but i am def waiting until fri! It is so hard though. Keep thinking my AF is coming everytime i go to the toilet.....x
  • Just stay strong hon and wait it out til friday!

    We might need to give more slaps at this rate! :lol:
  • Step away from the tests hun!!! Breathe!!! x
  • Ha ha hun loving all the slapping going on, I prob would have caved by now but try and wait it will be worth it to see BFP instead of BFN.

    Am excited for you xx
  • thanks girls! Lol keep on slapping!!!xx
  • **slap** from me too - just wanted to join in!! lol Hope it's working x
  • lol! Seems to be working now too scared to dare to test before Friday might even leave it till sat if AF doesnt arrive.... in case some slaps me again!

    Good luck to you all as well...
  • hahahahaha im bored at work and all these *slaps* made me giggle lol! thansk for making me smile! keep us posted!

    *sprinkle sprinkle*
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