Feeling down :(

Feeling a bit shitty today image

got some hospital results today, from the
biopsy I has taken two weeks ago.

I'm having a op in two weeks to remove
some of my cervix. They found aggressive
cells on my whole cervix and they said if
I don't get the op I will have cancer image

And too make matters worse af is m.I.a,
don't think I'm preg as we has sex ten days before
my peak day and I can't get preg as I can't be
treated, so we haven't done it all month!

No need to reply just feeling very sorry for myself image

hate my body!!!!



  • omg i am so sorry hun that is awful, but dont hate ur body u must look after it now sweets u will get through this, get well and then u can ttc again, i know its little c omfort, i myself am actually awaiting a scan as since december i had pelvic pains, sore to have sex and with pcos and ovarian cancer in family i thought the worst so i know what the worry is like but u will get through this ok, and the sooner you get better the sooner u can ttc, take care chick, let me know how op goes. xxx
  • Hiya

    I just replied to this on yout double post post ! lol! Please dont worry as its sooo treatable and will not affect anything xxxx
  • Hey Hun just wanted to say my cousin had this, she was a bit worried about it all but went on to conceive pretty much straight away and has had no probs since, try think of it as a postive that it's been picked up and can be dealt with easily so you can get on with ttc image x x.
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