ARG! AF one week early what do I do with CBFM?

Hey there

Well randomly af arrived properly this morning (had spotting yesterday) and the cow is a whole week early. My lovely cbfm is not flashing m m m so he will be as surprised as me. What do I do about resetting him - is it the same as for a period that he knows is about to arrive? Plus I missed my window this morning so can't set it to cd1 today!

What I THINK I have to do tomorrow is press the m button and hold it down until it says CD2. Is that right?

GRRRRRRRRR very annoyed.


  • I'm sorry to hear that moonandstars.

    Yes that's right, if you are in full flow today, set it at CD2 tomorrow and you'll be set for next month xx
  • Hello fellow CBFM user!

    Oooh how exciting, yes you're right. You can set it up to five days after AF arrives. xx
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