Advice please from ladies who bled then had BFP!!!

Hi Ladies

I am currently on day 31 of my cycle (i am normally no more than 30 days) and i have had sore boobs and cramps since OV.

Yesterday i went to the loo and when i wiped there was a tiny streak of blood, Then nothing until today when ive had brown/light pinkish discharge and more cramps.

I keep thinking AF is here but then nothing on the pad, just when i wipe (sorry if TMI!!!)

I did a cheap internet test yesterday but it was negative and i am thinking of buying a FP one on my way home from work.

Has anyone else had cramping and bleeding and a BFN before they got a BFP or am i just being too optimistic??



  • Could be implantation bleeding hun? x
  • I'm in the same boat as you so can't give any adivce I'm afraid. AF was due on monday but hasn't arrived yet. The past 2 mornings I've has a pinkish/light brown discharge after 1st wee of the morning, but nothing else, I was convinced AF had arrived. I did a test which was negative. I'm a little confused now.
    Fingers crossed you get your BFP soon
  • hi ya ladies im also in same boat was due on tuesday but nothing done few tests all negative last night when wiping myself had a bright red on tissue nothing all night then this morning brown spotting but nothing since keep me posted mayb this is it for all of us fingers crossed also felt really ill yesturday tired and stomach ache xxx
  • That happened to me ladies, dont want to get your hopes up but I now have a beautiful baby girl image
    I thought af had got me on the friday afternoon but by saturday it was gone completely again. I didnt test til the Tuesday because I had tested on the wednesday (14 dpo) and got a BFN. But then, at 20 DPO I got a really strong pink line on FR that came up before the control line.
    Best of luck to you all

    Lisa xxx
  • When I fell with DS I had the same thing as well the day before AF was due. Then AF never arrived - I was regular as clockwork so tested, was BFP straight away. Scans later revealed I had been pregnant before my previous AF as well!! So was mightily confused with it all - had an emergency scan after a heavy bleed knowing I was preg, and they said I was 4 weeks ahead of my dates!!

    So you never know, anything is possible!!
    Good luck! xx
  • Im another one in the same boat, af was due yesterday and when i went to the loo at lunchtime and wiped there was pinky almost orangey cm and i was convinced she had got me but I have had nothing since!?? Havent done a test, just back from shops with a cb digital not sure if i should wait till the morning for fmu tho!?? xx
  • thats exactly what happened to me just before i got my BFP!!! i did my test a week after and got a positive xxx
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