very sad

it's my birthday today but dh had to work, so spending it on my own waiting for gas man to turn up to fix boiler. I have two cards one from dh and one from inlaws even my family haven't bothered getting me a card. I should have been 5 months pregnant now, but i'm not, noone to spend my birthday with and no baby :cry:


  • Oh honey ;-(

    Happy Birthday you have all of us to spend your birthday with. What are you doing this evening when OH comes home? Maybe he has soemthing planed?

  • Awww hun im so sorry your feeling so down today, maybe oh could take you this evening! Why havent your family bothered? xx
  • he doesn't finish work till 6 so it'll be after 7.30 when he gets home and as he gets up early he won't want to do anything tonight, He wasn't allowed the day of as to many people had time of, but one of the women cancelled there time of but they still wouldn't let him have today of as it was to late!!
  • Sorry to hear you're so sad hun. Cheer up its your birthday! Spend the day making yourself feel fantastic then when your OH gets home from work pouce on him for sum birthday BD hehehe. My family didnt get me any birthday cards either, or so i thought until they arrived a day later. Damn royal mail!!!! theres hope!

    Enjoy your bday from another girl in leeds xx

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  • Girlinleeds - a very happy birthday. Hopefully your last without a baby.

    Does your OH have a lunch break he could take? Perhaps you could run a lovely bath, have a wonderful soak and spruce up, put on something nice, and go for lunch with him? I know its superficial but sometimes even just a new lip gloss or a blow dry does wonders when you're feeling a bit down.

    You can pamper yourself as you wait for the gas man. Then go out, looking stunning and think how lovely your figure is when you're trying to conceive.

    And make plans for the weekend. That way you've something to look forward to. Keep posting as there's always someone on here and no need to feel lonely. x
  • my family don't really bother about my birthday as i don't live at home (really annoys me though as my older sister still lives at home and gets spoilt rotten). Hopefuly gas man will show up soon then at least i can have a nice soak in the bath, thank you for your kind words
  • Happy Birthday hunny treat yourself as much as you can.. do no housework, get take away, Oh and flirt with the gas man hahaha xxx max

    Cheer up chuck. How can you be alone when you have all us nutters on here lol.
    Pamper yourself all day. Chocolate, nice bath, face pack, paint your nails etc.
    Maybe DH will have a nice surprise for you later

  • Happy Birthday Girlinleeds..........lots of birthday hugs for you then.xxxx

    I feel pretty sad today too, because my twins were due today, and here i am at work, not pg, and working for my dad who is being a complete arse!

    I'll have a drink on us later

  • Happy Birthday Girlinleeds. I agree with the others, pamper yourself today and make some plans for the weekend.
    Take care
  • happy birthday hun!! we'll have a party on here for you image

    hope you manage to find something to cheer your day up, apart from us lot hehehe

    big hugs xxxxxx
  • you have cheered me up, just feeling very sorry for myself this morning. My dh wanted to take me to the dominican republic for my birthday, but his boss wouldn't let him have the time of as someone else had three of the same days of that he wanted. Then he said could he just have today of, and they said no!! What is really anoying is the women who had the time of my dh wanted cancelled it last week but his boss said it was to late for him to book the day off, i've told him to make his boss feel really guilty today
    Cheer up and smile. I think you should go shopping and buy something nice to surprise OH with tonight and make yourself feel gr8. Have a lovely day. Sxx
  • happy birthday!! hope your day gets better x
  • Happy birthday girl in leeds! I definitely agree with all the shopping posts on here - some retail therapy should be just the ticket on your birthday! It's a real shame DH couldn't get the day off, but could you plan something at the weekend when he's not working? You can stay the birthday girl for the rest of the week then! Definitely call up a friend for a girlie chat - they could pop round and wait for the gas man with you? Or put on one of those feel good films that are guaranteed to make you feel better. I watched Enchanted with my 3 year old niece at the weekend - cheesy but really feel good!!

    P.S My in laws are not into birthdays and neither DH nor me ever get a card from them - so at least you got one from yours!! xx
    Have a pamper day, go shopping, go to the haridresser or something really nice like that, relaxing bath and at least a little to drink!! Sorry you feel so low xx Megs xx
  • hi ladies, this is my plan, as soon as the gas man's been (so i have some hot water) have a bath pamper myself and make myself look pretty, then go and meet dh from work and make him take me out for tea, what do you think??
  • I think that sounds like a perfect plan image you go girl image

  • and seen as af left yesterday, if he's lucky we might even bd when we get home!!
  • Perfect idea!!!! Go for it xxx Hope you have a lovely time xxx
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