Hi Guys - back to work for me today, god it was difficult to get up this morning! Then my blumin car didn't start and had to get hubby out of bed to jump start for me!! Nitemare! Anyway, I tell you what, this coming off the pill has been brilliant! I really didn't realise how much it has been suppressing my sexual appetite - sorry if TMI! Anyway, today i am CD10 so used my new Clearblue ovulation test stick thing, but it was negative, I'm due to ovulate (according to me!), around Thur/Fri, should I test again tomorrow do you think? How soon would a reading show? This is my first time of using them. This is our 3rd proper month of trying, and I'm dfefinitely full of PMA! New year, new start and all that jazz. Hope everyone well, SD: how you doin hun? Zxx


  • hi hun, if you think you ov around this time keep testing daily till you get your wee smiley

    oh and the sexual appetite thing i agree with completely. i had no sexual app at all when i was on the pill to that fact that it was actually starting to cause problems with us. i stopped taking pill a year ago last august due to this and other problems it was causing. we have a very close relationship now and i am enjoying sex more than i ever
  • Hi Angel100, its amazing isn't it, how one small pill taken daily can have such an effect. I came off in Sept, and the last 2 months especially have made a massive difference!! My hubby is suitably happy! lol Bring on the smiley face!! Zx
  • lol. i couldnt believe how the pill was affecting my body. i had no sexual app, i had put on weight, i was bleeding heavily even though it was only an inbetween bleed, my mood was very very moody. i came off the pill to ttc then we had to stop for a while and i told hubby i was not going back on it s o have been off it every since. we are not sure what we will use after we get pregnant again but it def wont be the pill.lolxxx
  • I won't be going back on it either!!!! Were you on the pill a long time? Think I was on it 10 odd years!! But luckily my periods resorted back to 28 days each cycle, which I'm well chuffed about. Zxx
  • i was on pill for about 1years too until we decided to have lo. i fell with her within 4 weeks and then went back on the pill when she was 10weeks when i finally got af. before pill i had a 28day cycle but since coming off it this time my cycle is 37days which is far too bloody

    its good that your cycles are nice and normal again. it took mine ages to sort itself
  • so agree on the effects of the pill...and I only really noticed once I stopped...I somehow felt so natural(does that sound silly?)
    it didn't really stop my "appetite" but now I am off it my DH can;t cope with my sex drive(sorry if TMI) which was already higher than his when I was on pill LOL
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