In Laws!!!!!

Having a rant - last night we took OH Dad and stepmum out for a meal, for Fathers Day.
First thing they said to OH was "so when are you going to be a father then?!"


Really pisses me off - that's all they're interested in and I feel like I'm just a walking womb. Feel like screaming that we've been trying for nearly 2 years and it's just not that bloody easy!!! They keep saying how selfish we are for not making them grandparents yet - they've completely forgotten about the 2 they already have with OH's brother.

Feel such a failure, getting comments like this all the time.

And to top it all, was buying some brie at the weekend when the man behind the counter commented that I shouldn't be eating it in my condition. Felt like yelling "Am not pregnant, just fat!" He's lucky there was a counter in between us, I could have swung for him. Am a size 14 and was feeling OK about myself for a change until he said that.

Anyone else get comments that could incite violence???

Sorry for rant girls, had to get it off my chest!

Moggs x:


  • What a rude, insensitive sod!!!!
    Don't feel guilty, I'm sure it will happen. Is it worth telling them that you're trying and that its a sensitive issue?
  • we're getting the same thing all the time- the any news? questions and I have also gone up a dress size since coming off the pill and people keep looking at my belly and going- ohh is there something we should know about?! gits!
  • Hi girls - I'm having the same thing from certain friends - "are you pregnant yet?" and "why not?" I feel like such a failure when I can't give them the answer that they want - it's not fair. The best thing I can do is to avoid these people, but it's not easy when they're family - so my heart goes out to you Moggs!

    As for my in-laws - I have the complete opposite problem with them. We visited them yesterday, and I was told by DH's mum "I don't want grandchildren - so don't start getting ideas!".

    Obviously she doesn't know that we're actively ttc - but that's not the point. I have another child from a previous relationship, but I've been with my husband since Jack was 2. He's now 7 and looks at my dh as a father figure. His mum however, doesn't feel I'm good enough for her little boy, and certainly doesn't like that I have a child from another relationship.

    When she told me outright that she didn't want grandchildren I was furious - does she think that if she doesn't want grandkids that we'll take notice and stop trying??

    Fingers crossed we'll all get our bfps soon, and we can hold our heads up high!


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