The magical second line does exist!!

Well I am not usually up this time on a Sunday; however I just had this feeling that I should test and the magical second line appeared in less than 10 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!

I just cant believe it I am in shock! After hubbys devastating SA results (16 million per ml and only 16% motility) I was waiting to hear that we would only concieve by ICSI. We had been referred and I was just waiting for the initial appointment to come through the door!! I said in January that my new year resolution was to be pg by the end of the year! If I hadnt managed it this cycle I wouldnt have kept my resolution as I have a very long cycle every other cycle as I only ovulate from one ovary.

Just worked out edd to be 3rd Aug 2010!!! Quite scared about the next 8-9 weeks!!

Did loads of things differently this cycle! Used CBFM properly for the first time. I did use it last cycle but as it was 76 days long and it never changed from low!! Bd on all the high and peak days. Used Zestica spray for the first time in the hope it would help hubbys motility issues. Hubby has been taking Boots multivitamins for men since Sept and only drank two units of beer per week for the last 2 months. After bding hubby would grab my legs and move me up the bed so I could lie with a pillow under my bum with my legs against the wall! I did a headstand one day (read that on here once). Legs were left against the wall for 30 mins whilst I chatting on the phone and ate biscuits!! I have been taking sanatogen multivitamins for the last 6 months and started taking evening primrose and starflower oil for the first 2 weeks of my cycle, this cycle.

Symptoms to date: temps rose straight after ov and I had a big mplantation dip on 7dpo. Had sharp twinges in my lady garden area since 7dpo. Had a funny turn on Friday 10dpo in a lesson (I am a teacher) when the world started spinning and I was suddenly very very hot and had to open all the windows even though it was gale force winds outside!! All the pupils were freezing and one asked me if I was going through the change!!!! Another said her aunty used to get hot when she was pg and asked me if I was!! I have also had the most vivid dreams over the last 5 days!!!

Tested the last two days with ebay cheepies and thought I could see the faintest of lines - but convinced myself that I was seeing things!! I brought a superdrug test yesterday for Tuesday when AF is due but decided to use one today when I woke up early!!! Only 12dpo so going to try and keep calm for the next few weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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