little bit of advice needed please x

Hi Ladies

I have put previous post on here. Basicly i hadnt had a period since nov so i had missed 2 months periods. we have only just 2 weeks ago started to ttc. so i went to the doctor worried i wasnt having my periods, so was due to have blood tests monday, but today i have finally come on. What do you think i should so do? go to the doctors or wait and see when my next period comes? im am unsure when i will be ovulating as well as not sure what my cycle lenght is going to be now. what would you do?


  • Hey - not really 100% sure on the answer to this but didn't want to r&r!!

    I would probably still go to the doctors - for your own peace of mind if nothing else!! Were you on the pill before?

    As for next cycle - i would just be really aware of your body and when you start getting your ewcm- use OPKS to be sure that you are BDing at the right time!!

    Good Luck hun

  • hi i would still go to the appt and explain what the problem was. have you started taking folic acid yet? if not they maye give you a prescription for it while your there.

    and just to reassure you that your ovulation might kick in straight away here is my little story.

    last year i had a miscarriage in the july and by the beginning of sept i still had not had another period. so after 9 weeks i went to the docs and he said was that there is medication that they can give you to make me have a period to see if that would kickstart them but i would have to with till 6 months of no periods. the next morning i woke up and my period had started. 2 weeks later i was pregnant again and i now have a gorgeous 7 month old son.
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