symptom spotting driving me mad

or should i say lack of symptoms. This has got to be the longest 2ww i have ever known.

I am 9 dpo today and so far this is all i have had

-Before ov i had mid cycle spotting and ewcm. I have never had mid cycle spotting before and this cycle is the first time i have noticed ewcm.
-6 dpo i had a strange stitch/pulling sensation in my uterus, lasted about an hour or so
-from 6 dpo to now i have had this icky nausea every evening its like its stuck in my throat
-tingly bbs on and off
-strange vivid dreams

and thats the lot. Normally i have af cramps from about 7dpo and backache but nothing so far.
I caved in and did a test this morning (internet cheapie) it was a bfn. I can see a shadow of a line but im sure its an evap because it looks more like a dent than a line.

Anyone else got any symptoms or non symptoms in my case


  • Hi sammie, i've been terrible for symptom spotting this month. I had an mc in jan so was hoping that this would be my month. I'm due af on sun and for the last few days i was getting pains similar to what i had the last time. Yesterday i felt really sick all day and same this morning but today the pains feel more like period pains.

    I've done about 3 tests and all BFN!!! I done a cheapie and wasn't sure if there was the faintest ever line or was i seeing things. So i went out and bought a FR and got a BFN. What a waste of money. I'm sure af will show up in the nest couple of days so fingers crossed for next month.
  • GC from DIO.

    I didnt have any symptoms at all. I only found out I was PG because im a compulsive POAS addict lol. I tested 6 days b4 AF on a cheap e bay test and got a shadowy line. Went and bought a FR and CBD with C and got BFP's straight away.

    I am now 10 weeks PG and still my symptoms arent mega. Slight nausea and tiredness and thats about it!
    Dont give up hope ladies. Its not over until AF flies in on her broom stick.

    Fingers crossed for you

    bm xx

  • I fell into the symptom spotting trap this month too. AF was late, which is odd because I've been tracking my cycle for a year and every month it's been 26 days without fail. I was really bloated and in pain, had an odd tugging pain in my uterus when walking, such bad backache and hip pain, plus feeling a bit sicky - none of which I have with AF. 3 days late, convinced myself I was pg, then AF gatecrashes. That was last week but still feeling pretty gutted if I'm honest :\(

    Good luck ladies, you never know it might be little bean! Baby dust to you xxx
  • Thanks for your replies ladies.
    Well lack of symptoms may well just be a pg symptom cos i have just poas and guess what
    B F P.
    Im really really shocked but so happy.
    Good luck ladies xx
  • Aaaaaargh CONGRATULATIONS!!!! So happy for you hun! H&H 9 months image xxx
  • OMG sammie congrats, thats great news. xx
  • thankyou both xx Mrshobbes- hope you get your bfp this cycle, just think a little christmas pudding image
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