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I'm new here, this is our first month TTC, following out gorgeous wedding and honeymoon in June! I have rather annoying cycles, usually about 33 days long, but they can vary, so I didn't know when to TTC. I was charting my BBT with fertility friend but there is no clear ovulation. I hope I did ovulate. I've been a bit worried as my AF is always so barely there, and I get dreadful spots the week before usually, so I'm worrying it may be a hormonal prob.. especially if I didn't ovulate...

Anyway, you never know, I may have been charting wrong etc, so we BD'd anyway on CD16, 18, 19, 20, 21 and 22. I am now on CD24. Yesterday, and particularly today I have been having strong AF type pains in both sides/ ovaries maybe? It feels like AF will show up later today but this is strange seeing as it would be a shorter cycle than most people's anyway, and mine are always long.

What does everyone think? Am I getting AF early, or could I have olulated on CD16 and then feeling some type of symptoms? Would this type of symptom show this early?


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  • hiya and welcome image maybe symptoms? im not too sure tho. have u being using ov sticks or anything? sounds good hun. fingers crossed for you!
  • image I have got ov sticks to try next month. It's all so confusing at the mo. I'm thinking if these are AF pains then I must have ovulated before CD16 so we missed out this month, and the sticks will come in very handy next time!
  • yeah sounds strange, altho lots of girls have said that bfp feels lke af is on the way? so who knows, so u never know. using the opks net month should help tho, altho this is my frst month using them lol and i think im more confised than when i started! lol keep us posted xxx
  • congrats on your wedding image

    maybe they are implantation pains, you could be oving too if your temps havent seen it yet, ate you temping in the morning before getting up?
  • Yep I'm temping a 7am now, but I was temping between 5.30 and 9.30 am, which might account for the confusing chart?

    My pain is really weird, it is like a stitch up both sides of my abdomen. Weird.
  • Hiya congratulations on your wedding i got married two weeks ago we are now ttc baby number 2 hope you find this place as helpful as i do x
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