I have to leave for a while

I'm more upset this month that I have been all year - I really thought we'd done it.

Whilst I'm really, really happy for those of you who are pregnant, have BFP's and are going to get their BFP's, I need a break. It's bad enough seeing pregnant women and babies everywhere image

Good luck all - I'll miss you, and will probably be back sooner than I think x x


  • ooh hun x you take care of yourself xxx((hugs)))
  • Sometimes a break from here is the best thing. Take care, and come back when you're ready. Hopefully with a bfp. xx
  • Take care.xx
  • Argh gypsy we'll miss you but i totally understand how you feel. I'm so happy for everyone getting there BFP's but there is always a thought in my mind, 'why isn't it me'. Take some time out and i'm sure you'll be feeling better and come back with a BFP soon. Good luck hun and take care. Xx
  • oh honey i know its hard seeing all the bfp's especially when u've been here 4 a little while and have seen so girlies come and go but u have to keep believing it will be ur turn soon.
    Dont stay away to long honey- will miss u.

  • Good luck and I hope the break relaxes you xx come back when you are ready hun and enjoy yourself xx
  • Good luck hunni hope u come back with ur bfp! image xxx
  • Oh Gypsy

    I'm so sorry you're so down. :cry:
    I completely understand why you feel the need to stay away for now. Hope you manage to take your mind off it and feel a bit more positive.
    Please come back and let us know as soon as you get your BFP! (not if, when!) image

    Love Moomin xx
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