An Ov Q

me and partner havent BD much this month, however we did last night and that would of been CD13 my past 2 cycles have been about 30days.... so my Qis does that mean iv not left it too late, and should we keep BD for the next few days, when u ov how many days around Ov do u have chance to get BFP? is it just a couple... ?? just wondering how many days we may have to get in more BDing image xxx


  • Hi hun, are you using OPK's or anything to detect your surge? normally within 24-36 hrs you ovulate and its recommended to BD around that time. If you have a 30 day cycle then you will rougly ovulate around CD16 as your lp should be no longer than 14 days.

    Hope this helps xx
  • hi thank u, i dont use OPKS i do have some from boots but i reaslised when i went to use them they dont come with the thingy that u put the stick into...if that makes sense?? so iv been wondering as i know a that 2 lines should come up if im ov (thats correct isnt it?) so could i just pee on it and see if any lines appear??? also just realised yday was actually CD14 todays CD15... iv got a bit of a feeling i may of just missed it image will BD for next few days to be sure though. last we literaly BD every day of the month and i did a test just to check and it was pos.... so i never really got to understand all the Oving etc last time xxx
  • Hi yeah you dont have to have a CBFM to use them I dont think.

    I have just done a CBD OPK and didnt get a smiley so am going to test again tomorrow as am normally due ov by now.

    Yeah you can use that OPK anytime of the day so you could do it now, is it boots own or FR? you are looking for 2 strong lines similar in colour if one is faded than the other then its not a positive for ovulation.

    Good luck hun its so confusing eh xx
  • lovely thank you i'll do one shortly and if im still confused i'll post again,lol. Its a boots one iv got, think its called persona or something likt that??? i thought i was getting a bargin but guess not, does it matter if my wee isnt first wee of day or anything? xxx
  • Not for OPK but try not to drink anything for at least 4 hours before you test.

    Good luck hun x
  • have tested and have 2 lines one alot lighter than other tho...which is a bit confusing....? but also read on the pack and it states u must use ur first urine of the perhaps thats why?? confusing stuff xx
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