Just a quick update

hey ladies,

Well AF found me. Has been a hard couple of days.

I was 4 days late and had all the symptoms... AF started as spotting (which i have never had, always have a heavy AF) and i just thought it was implantation bleeding which got mine and my hubbies hopes up.... Sadly thursday it was full on. We just sat in bed and just held each other for it felt like hours.

Yesterday we decided not to let it get us down so now we have made plans for 2010. I registerd at the gym, I got my hair done and brought heaps of new clothes, ive decided to go back to full time work and we booked a holiday for Oct.

We're still going to try just as hard as we have this year but we're not going to put our life on hold anymore..

Hubbies only here 1 wk out of every 3 (as he works away) so we did a calendar for the rest of the yr for when i ovulate and when hes here... So for 2010 we will have 6 months inwhich we can try (BD)...

This is all worth that little second line... xx


  • Hey sweetheart, I'm so sorry. TTC is so hard on your emotions and getting your AF or a BFN always breaks your heart no matter how much PMA you have.

    Hopefully one of those 6 months will be yours. Very jealous of new clothes! lol!

    (((((hugs))))) and babydust for 2010, you can do it! xxx
  • its a good idea to keep your chin up! the best advice i can give is dont over try, relax and in a way forget about it, i was ttc for almost 13 months after my dd was born sleeping, we said we would have a rest from ttc and that next month i got my bfp!itl happen hun dont worry xx
  • so sorry you didnt get your BFP, good for you for having a new outlook image hope 2010 will be your year xx
  • aww hun (((hugs)))) so sorry to hear it wasn't your turn, but you will get your BFP. It's good that you are being positive, putting your life on hold isn't healthy and just ends up stressing you out completely. Fingers crossed that 2010 is our year hun xx

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