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Hi All

This is our 2nd month of trying to conceive for our 1st baby - we are not using anything - just going with BDing every other night. My cycles are not very regular (around 32 days on average). My Hubby wants us to try the Clearblue Fertility Monitor in a month or so if we have been unsuccesful. I'm 35 so a little worried of the age thing!

Has anyone used this Fertility Monitor? Are they easy to use? Any advice please?


  • ive had mine for ages although not using it right now

    ther fantastic and so easy to use,there a bit steep money wise i think but you get the stickes cheaper on amazon then in boots

    all you do is use fmu pop it into the machine when it asks and it reads it for you,you just bd image

  • I LOVE mine, I have had 2 BFP's on the first cycle of using it!!

  • I just got mine and it seems so simple to use (so far!) Can't wait to get started on it!! xx
  • Just heard on the news today that fertility doesn't drop nearly as much as we think after 35. They reckon there are as many unplanned pregnancies in over forties as there are in young teens!
  • I got my BFP on cycle 2 of using it, we had been TTC for over 12months before then so I think that it's an amazing little machine.

    Masters Pharmacy online were doing a great deal on the sticks just ??13 a box or something like that x
  • I love mine too, very easy to use and quite exciting turning it on and seeing what it says each day. I got a BFP on month 3 of using it in Nov - sadly ended in mc but we are ttc again now and on month 2 of CBFM. Fingers crossed!
  • I use one, it's fantastic.

    Basically, it works like this.

    What you need
    The Monitor
    One box of 20 test sticks

    Set the batteries in the monitor

    Decide what time you will normally want to run the test. This is normally first thing in the morning, so decide the time you want to normally get up. You have a 6 hour testing window, and this will be three hours either side of the first time you press the button telling it that you have your period. So, if you press the button at 6am, you will be able to test anytime from 3am to 9am

    On the first day of your period, turn the monitor on and press the little button mark M (for menses) - Remember, this tests the window for testing too.

    Don't worry if you missed the first day of your period, you can press the M button at any time.

    Every morning thereafter switch on the monitor. On cycle day 6 it will flash up a symbol telling you to do a urine test. The strips are midstream, so you just get to pee on a stick, no need to collect urine in a jar or anything like that.

    When it reads your fertility, it will give you a indication of one of three levels, low, high and peak (suggesting ovulation)

    Most women will only need to use 10 sticks in a cycle, but those with long cycles might need 20 (a whole box)

    When your period is approaching, it will flash up a little warning when you check it in the morning.

    If your period arrives, you then press the button on the first morning you wake up after your period arrives, so if you find you start bleeding in the middle of the day, you still count the next morning a CD1.

    So.... its really easy, and in simplistic form it's basically it acts in the same way as ovulation prediction kits, but does all the counting etc for you.

    I would really recommend them. If nothing else, the are certainly cheaper then clearblue ovulation tests once you have the monitor, and are much easier to work with.

    I'd also recommend buying a BBT thermometer and using this in conjunction. Boots do them, though they are cheaper to buy online, and there are a number of sites that allow you to track your temp. I personally like, though lots of others prefer fertility friend.

    Good luck, and keep up the baby dancing image If you haven't already, look into the Sperm Meet Egg Plan. It'll help you time things well.
  • Thank you so much for your replies. You are all so wonderful and helpful.

    Decision is now made. Does anyone know the best place to get one? A little cheaper?

    Adelcia - What's the Sperm Meet Egg Plan please?
  • This was the best purchase ever for me! Got mine from amazon with 20 sticks. Was the cheapest I could find at the time and I wanted it in a rush! Was ttc for 4 months before I got one, then used it on the 5th month and got my bfp first time using it. So would definately recommend it x
  • Sperm Meets Egg Plan

    1. Buy 10 OPK tests PRIOR to cycle day 10
    2. Starting on cycle day 10, do one OPK test EVERY DAY
    3. Babydance (BD) EVERY OTHER DAY starting on cycle day 10 (hips elevated for 10-30 minutes after each BD session)
    4. When you get a +OPK, babydance that day and the next 2 days in a row (so 3 days in a row total)
    5. Skip one night and babydance once more the next day
    6. Take a home pregnancy test (HPT) 15 days after the day you ovulated (or most of you will start taking your HPTs at 10-12dpo!)"


    Basically, it maximises your chance of getting pregnant, but without the constant BDing of doing it every day. It's reported to be very good image
  • I just got mine and its very easy to use so far....first testing day tomorrow by the looks of it then lol xx
  • Ebay can be very cheap for them and also the sticks that you use.

    Some people start bids at 0.99p!
  • I LOVED mine!! Got my my BFP so i will be eternally grateful.

    I bought it brand new off Amazon with a box of 20 sticks - so managed to save a little money from the shop price.

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