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Thought I would give you all an update as haven't been on here for while so.....
I had my first true af on 29th June and used ovulation tests for July to find out when I was ovulating,

I tested on Friday 9th July and had a little faint line-for some strange reason I didn't test on weekend (10/11th) as we were probably major busy so I tested on 12/13th and had more darker lines and by Wednesday they were fading so guessing I prob ovulated on days 11/12.

Then my af arrived on 27th July making my cycle 28 days which im pleased about as that's what it was while I was on the pill-I know it can change.

So we are back into testing again and c ing what happens. I'm going to test from cd 10 this time and bd every other day!!

I am nanny and obviously wanted to talk
to bosses to hear their thought on if/when it happens, how they would feel and they are more than happy for Me to go
on mat leave and go back with baby so feel a lot more relaxed now and feel that we can "properly" start trying now,

everyone around me is either pregnant, trying or had one so very very broody!!!

Let's c what happens!!!

Babydust to everyone

Lou xxx:lol:

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  • hiya xloux glad ur cycles are normal! so u r now officially ttc? good luck hope u fall soon xxxxxxxx ps i think testing from cd10 is what i would do aswell so u have it covred xx
  • Hey Lou, welcome back.x. I'm now cd37 and 9dpo! Its been a long month! keeping my fingers crossed for weekend testing.x
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