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Due Date Website

Can anyone let me have a website I can go on to estiamte due dates.
Just seeing what my due date would be if I get my BFP this month. (sorry I meant WHEN i get my BFP this month!) he he


  • sorry dont know any websites
    but if you give me the date of your last AF will look in my pg book for you
  • i liking your pma chick,then after i will find out when i going to follow you lol

    what cd are you on? we only managed to bd this morning,i swear lennon knows were trying to make another lol but im on cd 14 so should still be in with a chance doing it the next few days aswell
  • Hiya Emma how you doing chick?
    There's this website here:

    Kel (9 weeks today!) xx
  • im 22nd nov whoop whoop,still gives me another month for a 2009 baby yyeeeehaw lol

    thanks kel x x
  • Hi Emma

    There's a really good one at which gives you all dates associated with your pregnancy - ovulation, estimated due date, when you can expect to see a heartbeat, when you can expect to need maternity clothes, when the baby's viable, etc. Not that I've been obsessively checking all those dates every month, of course... x
  • Thanks girlies, thats great.
    I would be due 20-24 november (changes when I put in last AF or OV)
    Grudie - im CD15 today, due to ovulate on CD19 so we are bding like crazy. I was soooo tired last night but Nick wouldn't give up on me, and i'm pleased as I would have been really annoyed at myself if we didn't.
    Hi Kel, I can't belive your little bean is 9 weeks old - how exciting!
  • I would be due 20th Nov too Emma... still not sure if I've OV'd and now done my back in so not looking likely for next few days.. grrr
  • I'd be due on 27th November, really hope it happens this time!

  • FAbulous, so we are all going into the november forum - I like the sound of that!
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