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How patriotic but i love it! guess you have to be scot!

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  • 2bsmart huby and i were taking about this video earlier as it was on tv,it gives me goosebumps and makes me feel so patriotis

    bring on my haggis neeps and tatties lol
  • I love being Scottish image
  • omg i meant patriotic lol
  • i know its great had to post it, what a great advert. Does make you very proud!
  • I love Sean Connery! Such sexy eyes and voice, even at his age!

    Sorry, I know Im not Scottish, but enjoyed the vid!

    (what are 'neeps'?)
  • Me and hubby were just speaking about this too!! Love love love it!! Gives you goosebumps! Not often an advert that will make me so patriotic!!
  • lol turnip,own wee jock language

    my accent i love is the welsh,you could talk me out my knickers with that lol,but has to be the right tone of voice lol
  • :lol: I dont have an accent of any kind (at least I dont think I do!) I speak Welsh but without the accent, so I sound like an English person trying to speak Welsh! :lol:

    got to admit, I love the Irish accent. I was at college with an Irish lad, and I could sit and listen to him all day! :lol: I worked with a bloke from Glasgow a few years ago, and when he got worked up I couldnt understand a word he was saying!! Just soooo fast! :lol:

    (oh, and never would have guessed turnips! :lolimage

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  • I live in Scotland now, been in Edinburgh for 2 years, I have only just began to understand what people are saying to me and I am useless on the phone to people still! I am really bad with accents!!
    I don't think I have an accent really, I am from the Midlands and don't think you would know where I was from unless you were local to me so recognised it. My fake Scottish is getting better but its still only certain words I can do not sentences! Its a mission of mine to have the accent down before we move home!!
  • brilliant all it needed was Ally McCoist and I would have been in total heaven......also heading for the divorce courts!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • I wasn't expecting it to but it gave me goosebumps too. image

    I suppose I must be a bit patriotic too to have gone with the thistle username. (and that's a pic of my wedding flowers in my avatar). image
  • Iv got a thistle tatoo on ma arse!!! i love the video but that loo loo spoils it for me at the end.. went to asda today thinking there would be big celebations for st andrews day an ony cot a bloody balloon, think they could of pushed the boat out just a little bity further than that xx i love being a sot but the irish accent floats ma boat xxx
  • Brought a lump to ma wee throat!!!

    Gotta love being a scot image (i'm in Glasgow)

    Broxi xx
  • Being Scottish is awesome!

    Happy St Andrew's Day tae yiz aw!
  • I seen this advert last night and i was soo proud watching it xxx
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