when do you ovulate?????

sorry me again- i am full of questions tonight...!

On what day of your cycle do you normally ovulate??? Jut want an idea...



  • well I had a period on 25th Nov, my periods are exactly every 28 days, so 14 days after my period I was ovulating, luckily its pretty easy for me to wortk out x
  • Hi hun, me again he he!!

    I think it is 14 days before your period (af). If you want to go onto this website and put your first day of your last period in it will give you a rough idea of your cycle.

    I use it and find it really helpful.

    You want to create a fertility map - if you save it in your favourites and enter your date of last period and cycle length it will create you a map.


  • just checked that site, its a good one, I've looked at loads in the past week!! lol x
  • Hey there. I have a 29 day cycle but I ov early on - usual day 11 12 or 13
  • hi hun, i have a 37days cycle so usually dont ov till cd20-22.xxx
  • Hi pet, my last cycle was 31 days & I OV'ed on CD17. I used a digital thermometer & fertility friend to chart my temp & CM, this month I bought some OPK's to use too! Good luck getting a BFP, it's certainly fun 'trying'!! x
  • I have a 28-34 day cycle so put in a few dates to work out the right days.... lol lots of bedding to do!

    Just wanted to get a rough idea...!

    I have started using the sticks last month so that should help wth getting the days right...
  • Heheheh! By my calculations I last ovulated in 1997! Sorry - your thread just made me wonder when I would have ovulated last and that fact has just occurred to me! Fingers crossed we all get one soon! xx
  • Moon and stars, that is interesting that you ovulate so early, I am on my first proper cycle after coming off the pill early October, I'm not using opk or anything and don't know how long my cycle will be yet, I had EWCM only on CD12 but didn't know if that was too early to ov. Me and hubby have BD loads after just incase (on cd18 now) but maybe that was it then!
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