Not even ttc yet and already overwhelmed...

Aaargh! Not ttc until wedding in August, but me being me, already completely obsessed with googling ways to improve chances, cm, luteal phase, vitamins etc....

And also very overwhelmed. Have already diagnosed myself with several different problems (luteal phase defect anyone?).

Have been using Persona as contraception last few months so already aware of ovulation etc but in a way, don't want to know as every time something isn't exactly as it says on the internet it should be, I stress out!

And I'm not even ttc yet!

I need help x


  • Hi coco! Dont worry, your'e not alone. We are all obsessed on here! :lol: I think at one point or another I have diagnosed myself with practically every problem imaginable. Google has a lot to answer for!

    Chill, and have a fab wedding in August (my birthday in August so its a great month! :lol: ) Hopefully you will have a lovely honeymoon baby! Good luck x

  • Hi Coco, as babybump says, we are all obsessed!!

    If I could give you any advice I would try not to even think about things until you've got married.......weddings are stressful enough to organise as they are!!

    Just remember that all women are different. It would be a very boring world if we weren't! All the advice given is for general usage so don't worry if you don't completely 'fit the mould' - none of us do!

    Enjoy your wedding day and more importantly, enjoy your honeymoon!! You could be one of the lucky ones!!

  • Hi coco, welcome to the site. I agree with the girls. This is a great site, as usually someone has something the same as what you are experiencing.

    Enjoy the wedding, we'll see you more when you are ttc! lol xx
  • Thanks for your replies - I can see that I will fit in round here with all the obsessed ladies!

    I think part of it is that in life generally I am very proactive, and always achieve the things I set out to do (travelling, job etc). Now that my next goal is the thing I want more than anything in the world (baby), it's hard to think I won't have that much control over when/if it happens.

    Anyway, we shall see... back to the wedding planning (and intermittent sessions googling words like mucus and ovulation....) xx
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