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Congratulations again on your BFP. I am on my first month of Clomid - Currentky on CD 19 and think just ov yesterday. Can you tell me did you get bad pains around ovulation and what other symptoms did you get ? I had terrible pains last night and bad enough the day before as was getting concerned about over stimulation thingy...but I have read that you can get worse pains than normal when on Clomid and its perfectly normal. Back to a dull ache today (though think that could also be down to constipation sorry tmi). Hope you can advise and best of luck in your pregnancy xx


  • Mugwia

    I got terrible pains round ovulations but it just reasured me that I was ovulatining. The pains lasted 24 hrs in some cases. I too was worried about over stimualtion too but it seemed to be fine. As it's your first month are you being scanned regularly over the month?

    My periods were heavy too but I read that is because clomid makes you womb thicker. Hopefully you won't get this far as others can confirm it can happen in the first month and you will have a BFP.

    I hope this is helpful. I'm sure others will add more advice!

    Good luck and don't give up!

  • Thanks that is reassuring. My GP prescribed the Clomid so I am just going it alone!! - thats what was worrying me. Well hopefully i will not see AF. I do not have pcos but extremly irregular periods. I have got pg 3 times before without any intervention though 2 ended in MC (one in Jan 06 and one in Dec 07). Have been trying since May last year though only 6 AF's so i hope this is my month. Will keep you updated x
  • So sorry to hear about the mc's. You deserve some good luck now.

    I have my fingers crossed for you. Clomid is amazing for some people.

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