trying for a baby

I have been with my partner 5 years now and we hvae been trying for a baby for a while now, i went to the doctors today and they have made me an appointment to speak properly to them in 2 weeks time and she said she will send me for some bloods. I have polycystic ovaries... i am scared it is going to take so long...


  • Oh hun. first of all welcome. you jumped out to me cause we share the same name!! (torp is just a user name) Atleast your on the right track. I'm sure the docs will find out any problems through bloods and things. Good luck, keep us posted. xx
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  • Aw thank you, im just really nervous about the whole thing, but ive been feeling quite sick today and had sllight cramps in my stomach earlier so not sure if that will be anything? im so new to this whole situation i do not know what to expect etc, and another leona.. i don't know any lol
  • Hey pet, just wanted to wish you luck! I'm sure I remember reading that Louise Redknapp has PCOS too, and she has 2 little ones. Got my fingers and toes crossed for you! xx
  • Don't know much personally about PCOS but the TTC is tricky enough, lol. Yeah another Leona, there's not too many of us about cos we're pretty unique (well I like to think so anyway). Your sick feelings and cramps could mean pg but could also mean quite a few other things. Trust me I've been SS all week. I'm my own worst enemy. xx
  • thankyou ive got mine crossed too, and yes its quite a common condition but its taking so long to conceive and im hoping that the doctors hurry up and refer me xxx
  • i know im my own worst enemy too.... i think im thinking it pregnancy because i really want a pregnancy but i need to stop thinking like that really, what is SS?- sorry. xx
  • Hi leona, just wanted to say welcome too, and good luck!!! Hope it all goes well for you and you get good news from the doctors or a BFP first!!

    SS is 'symptom spotting' - something you will probably be doing a lot of if you're like the rest of us!!

  • SS is symptom spotting. x
  • oh thanks trixie and mrsrobertson... im not use to all these short abreviations yet but im sure i will be soon like you say, im just gettin unusual cramp kind of pains- probably have a period after all this, but i have like a constant sicky feeling... but thanks for all being so nice x
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