To test or not to test....?

Ok, I'm due af on Sunday, possibly Monday. I have a birthday party tomorrow night, where, no doubt, the alcohol will be flowing. No signs of af and all the 'symptoms' I've been imagining have gone to.

Should I test tomorrow morning, just in case? Will it show?

Also, if it is +ve (fingers crossed) how do I go about explaining why I am avoiding the drink? There will be a kitty going, so it'll be rounds. Wow, got a bit ahead of myself there!

Thanks ladies!xx


  • No idea I would go out and have a few drinks but not too many. Even if you get a -ve you wont know if its really a -ve or just too early.

    Good luck and enjoy.
  • Thanks ladies!

    Think I'll test tomorrow (any excuse!) image
  • oooohhhh how exciting!

    Sorry i should be saying - noooooo dont do it! What would you do if it is negative but you are pregnant and it is just taking its time to show? - you would probaby take it easy on the alcohol anyway. And if it is a faint positive you will be analysing it all weekend. I would try to hold out (says the woman who tested 8 days early! lol) and just take it easy tomorrow night, have a couple of drinks but make them last all night or have a wine spritzer - or you could volunteer to go to the bar and just order a coke but say there is vodka in it. Or as Keri-anne has suggested bring out the old 'antibiotics' excuse :lol:

    After hearing all the horror stories from ladies on here about testing early i would be more inclined to hold out.

    Get talking to Grudie - she will sort you out! :P xxx

    Ps - if you do test i will have all my fingers and toes crossed for you! image xxx
  • awwww Ladybird always being the voice of reason image

    ok chick how do you feel about testing early??? all be it a day BUT a false pos ie a chem preg would be horrible wouldnt it....totally up tp you depends if you want to be naughty or not x let me no x

    *waves to the nutter L*
  • hehe i know, how grown up did i sound? :P x
  • ha you wish i was talking about the talk to grudie bit pmsl :lol:

    nah you knew what i meant x
  • do you no what i find weird!! no well il tell you lol now i know what your accent is like i kind of read it like it was you actually saying it lol
  • lol i do that too - except i think i exaggerate your accent and what you actually sound like lol. ken like ye know whit a mean? :P
  • aye like pure dead brilliant and aw that image

    i didnt have a problem actually,your twangs not bad
  • nah its because i dont live in Glasgow, i have a Lanarkshire accent which is kinda West meets East :lol: Your accent isnt really that strong either.

    Oops we have taken over McG's thread! Sorry! :lol: x
  • yeah i no oopsy sorry C xx its our 1 year being friends anniversary lol hence FB
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