Long cycles anyone?

I am so frustrated. my cycles are between 39-55 days so far. ( I came off of the pill in Jul09)

people moan about the 2ww but I envy them. I wish it was that simple. I have no idea what my body is doing. I have tried to map my cycles and started taking my temperature every moning this cycle. I do get ewdc at certain times of the month but no consistant cycle. I don't know how many tests i have done since we started trying.

It is hard not to think what if when you are on cd53 ( As at today). Taken tests but bfn. ( i had some spotting on cd32 and thought my cycle was finally in the 'normal' category)

I am now starting to worry that they is an underlying problem. When should i go to GP? on the handful of times i have been to my docs over the many years I find my GP is very patronising and so I do avoid it unless absolutely nesesary. is it worth goin to the doc yet or do i need to wait till 132 months is up?
My feeling is they will send me away as say it is the effects of coming off the pill. Has anyone had any experience with long cycles? did they correct themselves or was it a problem?

I do seem to have constant period pains ( well more awareness than pain) throughout my cycle (never got this on pill). I also get pain in my right ovary ( i think it is my ovary anyway) every now and agin.

I don't know what to do and my hubby is doing my head in as this month he is getting getting giddy and keeps saying he thinks i am pregnant. he doesn't mean to but this is making it worse. my body isn't just letting me down but also him.

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  • I'd say you'd be quite within your rights to go and see your GP now hun, especially as you're TTC. Like I've said on the other thread, I have veeeery long and irregular cycles, it just so happens that when I've been to the doctor about them she's brushed it off as nothing. I think if I went now though she'd have to listen as we're TTC and obviously long/irregular periods hamper that! I'm not too fussed at the moment because just recently they've regulated (sort of)...they're still quite long but they are regular. Also my mum recently told me that she was exactly the same until she had her first child, then she was as regular as clockwork so I'm kind of hoping I'll follow suit, haha! Anyway in the end it's up to you but I'd certainly recommend seeing your GP even if it were only to put your mind at ease xxx
  • Thanks so much for your response, You are right tinkerbell, everyone is really supportive on here. I think these chatrooms are really great because, although i have a very supportive network around me, people only understand when they are going through it themselves, I don't know about everyone else but all my friends seem to just think about sex and they seem to conceive so its easy to feel on your own. I suppose we just have to play the cards we have been dealt.

    I am going to make an appointment with docs, like you say, just to get rid of the stress a little.

    good luck tinks. hopefully you're BFP is just a few days away!
  • i had this problem and my doctor blamed my weight ohh i went berserk and left sayin am leavin or im gonna get in trouble lol he was gob smacked (not sayin anythin bout ur weight)

    make sure u have wrote down when u have started ur period and when they have eneded they will listen more if u have the details and dates with you, tell him you want the 21 day test, u have it cd21 think it checks for ovualtion, ive had this, or ask him to refer you to a gyno as they do more test than the docs can xx
  • g/c picked up from front page but just wanted to say 21 day bloods are only done on day 21 if you have a 28 day cycle they have to be done 7 days before your AF, they also do 3 day bloods which are done on cd3. Best to keep a diary and then go for advice. As a rule of thumb they won't really help you until you have been ttc for 1 year plus unless you are of a certain age. If you came off pill in July 09, I should keep a diary for a couple of months and then go armed xx
  • Thanks everyone for posts,just an update.
    I have been to the docs this morning and to my surprise the female doctor was really nice and didn't just disregard me as I feared. I am 28 and my BMI is normal, so i knew they couldn't blame that. I went prepared with all of me cycle information since September. I explained I haven't a cue if/when I ovulate as I have some symptons but there seems to be no pattern. At one point i was convinced I was ovulating twice a month but I know think probably not at all.
    An internal was not possible because, after spotting for 2 days I now seem to be CD1. (I also had spotting on CD32 which is probably why my doctor listened to me.)
    She was very understanding and has arranged for routine blood tests (although she explained, like socks said, we cannot yet check ovulation as my cycles are too varied, it will be a general blood check). At the same time i will be having three swabs and an internal examination. She has also reffered me for a pelvic scan.
    She asked if hubby had had a sperm test and suggested he has one done.

    I feel a bit weird now. The doctors can't win can they. Half of me wanted them to say go away you hypercondriac you are perfectly 'NORMAL' and the other half would have been angry with that. It is great that they have taken me seriously but now I am scared that they actually think there is something wrong with me. Time will tell I suppose. At least the ball has started rolling.
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