FAO CharlotteB2B

Hiya!!! How u doing?? xxxx



  • Hi Caza, that is just sooooooooooooo freaky!!! I was just about to write you a message when I saw this!! lol hehe.

    I am fine thanks, still trying v v hard to get a bfp this month! image OH isn't up to all this bd though! image

    How are you? How is your little bean? Pregnancy going ok? How were your scans? Hope all is ok!

  • scans are all good and we have a lovely heartbeat so we are out of the woods as such and back to the "usual" scans, so next one is 12 weeks ish.
    Dont worry bout the bd!! lol hubby used to get a bit irritated too but now hes moaning about it not happening so u cant win really!!! when are u testing then now? i ll be looking out!!!
  • Aww I am so happy everything is ok image How many weeks are you now? Yeah it is really hard bd every other day- used to be once a week if I was lucky!!! lol Where is his testestorone?! hehe

    My af is due around 14th December so think I will wait until I am a week late (if I can wait that long!!) because coming off the pill messes up your cycles
    image Hope I will be as lucky as you though image

    Let me know how your 12 week scan goes! How is pregnancy so far, what symptoms have you been experiencing? Is your nausea bad?

    Talk soon xXx
  • ive been pretty sick but the tablets are helping, i am emotional and knackered!! the trapped wind pain is better now too but think thats all ibs related apparently hormones aggrivate that. I am 9 weeks on tuesday but the scan woman thinks im a week out but we shall see. i am pretty sure of my dates as u know.
    I think i managed 3 days post af!! i tested 4 days earlier than planned as i was having sicky pregnancy feelings but if u remember i only tested to get it over with as i was expecting it all to be in my head!!! was so shocked at the bfp. I have had a letter that i need to change my gp at the worst possible moment, we moved house and i am about a mile out of the catchment area!! so annoyed image
  • Glad the tablets are helping you... It sucks being emotional doesn't it? I was listening to Breaking Dawn audio (twilight Series) last night and I burst into tears and said 'Why can't it be real!!' I mean, that is just crazy- I have totally lost it!! My hormones are all over the place and I don't know if i am pregnant, dread to think what it would be like if i was..... lol

    Yeh, i think i will be the same, it will only be a few days late and wont be able to wait anymore... least if I test when I am late and get a bfn, least i know its me coming off the pill so when I go out for my work xmas do, i can drink!!

    That sucks you have to change gp, how annoying!!! Really don't need that now.

    Take care and talk soon xoxoxox
  • bumping this up.... havnt heard from u in a while?
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