why have i got a bfp???

hey all, sorry to bother you but im confused, so i had my AF and im now on cd14, you can call me stupid but i had a HPT in the house and i thought bugger it, i will use it, knowing it will b BFN so i cant test early this month as not due to test until about 6th of july and payday is the 7th. so i just wanted to get it out the way.

anyways when i did it i looked at it and was sure i could see a VERY faint line. that was this morning and not with fmu, so i just went to put it in the bin and the line is still their...i dont get it?? i dont have to hold it in a bright light to see it altho it is faint, well confuddled i was testing just to get the test in the bin, never expected this. surely the line would be strong tho if i did concieve last month(even tho we were not trying) as i would be 6 weeks now?? and i also had my af.

its a SD test, are these prone to evap lines???


  • Im not sure what it is hun but can I just say when we were ttc our 2nd, I tested one month after months of trying I wanted to believe it so much that I imagined a line. I ran into OH saying im pregnant but he couldnt see the line. I looked again and it wasnt there! It was horrible.
    I hope this is not the case for you! good luck xx
  • aww im sorry to hear that hun, maybe your right, perhaps i am seeing what i want to see. need to come back down to reality. thanku for the reply xxx
  • Can you take a pic of it or is it too faint?
  • why dont u get a digi test huni, best to be sure, some people have af when preg x
  • Hey sally,

    Supposedly they are prone to evaps, ive had them in the past and think i may be having them now. You got a picture of it? Ill try and take a picture of mine and we can compare. I aint sure if mines a BFP or not.
    Mine is a thin pink line and has always been thin but it looks like there is a thick line its just the one side is pinker and the other side is barely visible just faint.

  • Hi hon, G/C here. When I fell with my first lo I had an af (only knew I'd been pregnant before that after the scan), and when I tested I would have been 8 weeks pregnant. I used a tesco own make, not with fmu, and got the faintest of faint lines. Went out and got a clearblue+ and tested first thing the following morning - the line was super dark and very very clear; there was no mistaking it.

    It could be an evap, but it could also be a BFP from last month, as mine was super faint as well with the first test despite being so far gone. Try again with a Clearblue+ and fmu, and see what happens.

    Fingers are crossed for you xx
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