Now it says Private on the header but you had to look didn't you..... :roll:

:lol: Only kidding image

I called the Hospital in the next town yesterday - the gyne there said he could fit me in on Thursday 5.30!! (much better than NHS taking 4 weeks between appointments - then not doing much in your two hours your there)


After last time we went to see the witch - I wanted to go private - OH didn't agree - but after she typed her notes and sent them written up to my doc - and sent a copy to me - I was really upset with the things she wrote - she had misconstrued everything that was said, when my OH came home and read it, he went mental and the first thing he said is " right you're going private" - and I'm going to write and complain about that b!tch...she has no right etc etc!!!

It's too long to explain what she wrote - but an example is - me going on progesterone tablets etc she hadn't even told me about any of that! Also some of the stuff about my partner not seeing his daugther form his previous marriage (his choice no social services or anything - he just thinks it's fairer to the child this way with her mum not being nice etc) she was writing loads to do with that - and that has nothing to do with me getting up the duff!!!! And much more - it's just unbearable - I nearly bloody cried - but held it back!

So down with the Fertility Witch at the NHS hospital and up with the nice gyne Doc!!!!

Fingers crossed he is a bit more useful!!! image

Wish me luck girls - I need all the help I can get!!!!



  • :lol: your right,i had to look.

    the nasty cow,your oh does right in writing a letter of complaint! wishing you lots and lots of luck and hope you get it all sorted and sending you pma

  • Good luck with the nice new gyne doctor x
  • good luck, hope he's nice and you can move forward xxx
  • Thanks hun! I'm gonna let T do that - he's better at making a fuss!

  • Hi

    Thats great news oh ive got my first appointment with the hopsital in 5weeks so let me know how you get on and im sure the staff will be much nicer to you this time.

    As for the b**tch i would defo write a letter of complaint who the hell is she to say stuff like that none of her business and it is irrelivent.

    All the best im sure you be fine.

    jen xx
  • Thanks jen! Good luck with your appointment hun - let me know how you get on - hope you have a better nurse than I did!

  • i cant believe that how spitful if your going to be like that you shouldnt be in a job that requires such sensitivity , anyway good luck with the new doc xxx
  • Thanks hun!
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