Question about ewcm..... Sorry tmi!!!!!

Just wondering if anyone can help me, I have no idea about ewcm, I know it should be clear an stretchy and wet, but not sure if I get it or if I get enough, I am not doing ov tests as I am trying to relax after a mc in feb, been checking cm though! Sorry for tmi but here we go ..... I am normally alway quite wet, when I check it is always quite wet and creamy and a lot of it, every so often I get a clear blob which stretches..... But just the one blob, I had this once a day for two days...... Is this right, or should I have more, we have been bd every other day...... And I have been getting super wet cm, think cause of all the bd!!!!!!

Can anyone shed any light on what it should be like and how much I should have, I was never checking before I got pg so no idea how it was before mc, but I would of thought I must have had it to get pg last time??????

Help please, sorry for such a personal post, ttc makes us talk about the most bisar stuff!!!!:lol:


  • hello

    how much you get varies from woman to woman some women have loads, some have little, some ladies find it in thier knickers and other have to internally check for it, EWCM occurs during your fertile period and stops when you have ovulated, if you are BDing lots it is sometimes easy to mistake swimmers for CM, EWCM is clear and stretches between finger and thumb without breaking, there is also a floating theory but i am not sure which way is which, some of the pther ladies may hep with that

    HTH x
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