OV Question

Hello, I hv been trying to conceive for month 3 now. I just wanted to know if OV period is exactly half way thru your cycle. E.G if my cycle is 28 days, will OV definitely be around days 14-!5-16? Could it begin earlier like day 9 but still keep to a 28 day cycle?


  • Hi plylau

    You work on the basis that your luteal phase (after ov) always stays the same, give a day or two. So if your cycle is 28 days, most likely you will ov in the middle around cd 14 or 15.

    Keep an eye out for your cervical mucous (cm), when it is like egg white and stretchy (sorry tmi), then you are or will be ov.

    Hope this helps. xx
  • Yeah it'll be around cd14 or 15. As what Mithical says with the cm. try keeping a diary for your symptoms as this may help you.xxx
  • If you want to check it go to babycentre.co.uk and use their ovulation calculator x
  • Thank you very much ladies! You are very helpful.
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