I hid for a day, but she got me in the end!

Well after all my odd waves of nausea in the middle of the night for a whole week which made me convince myself I was pg, af finally arrived this morning a day late :\(

So onto month 5 and we have decided to bd much more consistently around ov time (we have been a bit half-arsed up to now) - luckily I go on holiday next week and I will ov on the first or second day so no excuses.

Hope others have better luck than me this month


  • oh honey sorry she got u but at least it was b4 hol i spent all mine the other week convinced she'd turn up!!!

    have fun on holiday maybe the relaxing atmosphere and the fact ur OVing while away will mean u get lucky this month!!!

    fingers crossed, lots of babydust!!!
  • Sorry shes found you. Good luck for next month. Enjoy your holiday.xx
  • Good Luck for next month babe.

    Have a good relaxing holiday..xxx
  • Oh sorry to hear that. Better luck for next month - a holiday will make you so relaxed and hopefully you'll get a bfp as a treat when you get home!
  • Hopefully next month is your month. The hol is good, as you will be more relaxed. Fingers crossed hun. xx
  • Thanks everyone - not only has she got me but she's here with a vengeance - my back hurts so badly that I've just had to leave a meeting.

    I am keeping plenty of pma for next month though - just need to get today over!
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