2 Day Period? HELP

Hi girls, bit of a random post, have been looking through old ones to see if anyone has had the same before posting this but im at a loss as to what my body is doing!!!
I came off the pill in Nov, had AF 27 Dec wich was horrendously heavy and painful and lasted about 8 days!!!!
Now going by a 32 ish day cycle i was 'due' 27 Jan? i had nothing till 6 days later.....
It started off tiny pink spots only when i wen to the loo (sorry of TMI) so i assumed AF was coming and used a tampon, only to remove it later with brown not red which i was expecting. Anyways 2 days later and there is nothing....no blood, no brown, when i was 4 days late i did a cheaper test and was negative....Arrrgh what is going on? Has anyone has this and still been pregnant or is this just the random periods you end up with after coming off the pill?

Baby Dust to all xxxx


  • Could it be implantation bleeding?? do you know when you ovulate?? If you timed bd right, then 8-12 days after ovulation you can have slight bleeding when the egg burrows into womb.

    If still no AF, you could try a test? Don't to give false hope, but it might help to set your mind at ease??

    Good luck xxx
  • Thanks Amber im not sure when i ovulated as was trying to take it easy and dont get any of the symptoms that i hear other people having... i just thought that would be way too long to be implantation bleeding, unless i ovulated a LOT later than i thought, oh who knows, guess ill just have to wait and see, just trange if it was AF for it to be so short compared to the last one!
    Thanks again for your reply
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