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I have had EWCM today (first time EVER so excited) anyway I have noticed that my cervix is low still though it does feel open and wet? is this even poss? Last two month i could not reach it at all but I can reach it now, do you think that means i will be OVing the next few days?

I am CD14 but last month was a 30 day cyc so should be due to OV between the 15th and 17th of this month.

k xx



  • I thought you wernt gonna check yur cervix this month?!!?!
  • Well i got over excited at the fact for the first time ever i had ewcm lol so while I was up there thought I would check hee hee. I am still feeling very very relaxed about it which i am praying stays that way.

    I have done well though i am on CD14 and this is the first time i have checked CM and cpimage now you knows that good for me, i am proud of myself LOL

    K xx


  • Congratulations - lol xx I thought cervix was supposed to be low and open at OV to allow the sperm through! it is looking very good xx
  • LOL thanks. No I have read it's meant to be soft, high, open and wet SHOW image Though I have had loads more ewcm, do you think that means I have not been oving the last two months as I never had that before?

    K xx
  • Oops my mistake!! At least it is open and wet though!

    I would say it is definitely possible you haven't OV before as the EWCM is new for you! Your body is settling down - yippee!! You never know it could be your lucky month!! xx Here's hoping image
  • p.s. - maybe your finger has got longer? lol xx Maybe you are more relaxed and can feel it better? Or it could be because you have left it alone for 14 days!! lol xx

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  • LOL my god that made me laugh I sat here wetting myself hubby was wondering what was going on LOL

    You cheeky moo!!

    K xx
  • At least it made you laugh!! It just came into my head and I had to type it xx
  • I thought it was great it really did make me laughimage

    K xx


  • well as you have the ewcm even if it is low JUST GET BD'ING!!!!! lol
    our bodies dont always have the signs they are meant to so just in case get jiggy with OH.And good luck!
    Filo x
  • Thank you Filo, we bd'd again last night so that is sunday and monday and I still have some today ;0) I am just so happy as I defo did not have this the last two months which makes me think I was not really oving after coming off the pill.

    At least now i know that part of my body is working well and this will be able to show me know when i am actually Ovingimage

    K xx


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