Day 1

Hi Everyone af arrived this morning so this is month 1 of ttc 2nd, so i can start counting yay and hopefully get a bfp soon.just a quick question did anyones cycles get shorter after having a baby? my lo is 8 months and now my af arrives every three weeks before i had lo it was always every four weeks.
Anyone else on day1?babydust to everyone


  • Hi Lin, just wanted to say hello and good luck. Guessing that's Lexie - what a cutie!!!

    I am on CD28 out of 28/29 so expecting AF today or tomo. (Fingers crossed she stays away but i'm not hopeful!)

    If i get AF today we can be cycle buddies image

  • af came today for me hun, this is 2nd month of trying and i have one LO who's 2 1/2 so i wanna b preggers asap so the gap doesnt get any bigger!!!! xxxx
  • Soo pleased to hear you can now start ttc & counting your cycle days with the rest of us!!

    Cant really answer your question about cycles getting shorter coz mine have been all over the place after having Zara & after Amy I stupidly went back on the pill which was another nightmare altogether

    Good luck though & I'm sending tonnes of babydust your direction & hopefully it'll do you more good than its been doing me!!! lol

    Hilary x
  • Hi ladyinpink i hope your af stays away and you get a bfpimage
    Hi twizzlepie i hope this is the month for youimage
    Hi Hilary thanks i hope af goes quick so i can start bding soon! and hope this is your month!
    Babydust to you allimage
  • Hi
    I am on cd1 too cycles have been 27 and 27 since coming off the pill. TTC no. 1 so can't help with the cycles getting shorter after baby. Your Lexie is gorgeous by the way xxx
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