Brown discahrge again :(

Only got my bfp on Sunday but yesterday started getting small ammounts of brown discharge. Trying to be positive but this is how mt mmc started image There really is very little and Ive actually been getting it since the middle of my cycle but it had stopped. Dont think I can go through this agin, Ive such strong pregnancy symptoms too


  • Oh fran hunny, just because this is how it started last time doesnt mean its happening again. Please stay strong, I know you must be so very worried, but dont think the worst. Im really hoping and praying that its just some old blood finding its way out, or as its so little and your symptoms are strong, it may be implantation. Fingers crossed for you hun xx
  • Hello, I am 5 weeks pregnant and have been having the same thing since I found out a week ago. I spoke to my GP and she said that unless it was bright red or accomapanied with very painful cramps then its probably just implantation or 'one of those things'. Im sure it nothing to worry about, although I know thats easier said than done. Did you have cramps last time as well as the brown discharge when you mc? xx
  • Ohh hun how awful for you! If its brown blood then i would have said not to worry but you said this is how your last mmc started so im not sure what to say! The fact that your pregnancy symptoms are still stronge is a good sign though! Is there an epu near you that can just check you over or would they say its too early? Im sure its nothing to worry about but im sure no matter what me or anyone else says your still gonna worry. Im keeping everything crossed for you hun, go put your feet up and get as much rest as you can. take care xxxx
  • i echo the others - if it is brown blood then it is probably ok - it is probably implantation. but i would get it checked out asap, especially as you had mc before. my fingers are crossed for you and am sending you lots of stick babydust xxx
  • thanks everyone. I had a little bit more this morning when I wiped but havent had any since lunchtime, just normal ewcm so fingers crossed.Im not going to the docs until at least next week unless something happens because Im only 4 weeks so theres no point in having a scan this early. It was like ewcm only light brown. My period was due between sunday and today so Im hoping it was just breakthrough bleeding. Jem 27 - no I had no pain at all with my mmc which is the scary bit!
  • Its hard when your so early on, its a bit like no mans land as were too early to scan at the moment. Fingers crossed everything will be fine from here on xx
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