I will not test early this month heehee

just thought i would say this month i will wait to see if af shows up ad wait til after to do a test this is month 5 and i have been obsessing big style spotting signs that arent there and convincing myself i was defo preg this month been so busy havent had time think bout anything so will try (laffs at self) to leave it til end .........


  • Good luck ,but i say that and then end up testing and then kicking myself for testing too early and getting a bfn!im useless !lol image
  • good luck, il b doing the same approach lol, well il try to heh x
  • Good luck ! That was my plan too but coz I never know is af will be 28 days or 60 days waiting for AF is just too hard ! I've already made the mistake of testing too early this morning ! Grrr at me !
  • hiya brammer,

    Hope you get your BFP this month, I tried my hardest not to test early but i did 2 days ago :lol: It was a SD and i got one of those thin pink lines that appeared after the alloted time, so i took it as an evap again.

    When AF due?



  • I'm with you on this one Brammer. I test every month before AF and am hoping that waiting til AF is hopefully late will bring me some luck this month. Need to stop stockpiling the tests!!
  • thanking u all ladies im not due til 20th but have had 5 day early periods for last few months grrrr lol.... gd luck to u all and loads of baby dust to u all xxx xxx
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