For anyone who does BBT and CBFM help needed please

I have not been on here for a while sine my m/c in February but have been trying to relax while TTC and hoping I would catch again quickly.
I have been using my cbfm and also charting bbt for the last 2 cycles and I am getting confusing conflicting results.
Last month cbfm gave me a 1st peak on cd19 with +ve ov stick, bbt on fertility friend said ov happened on cd22!
This month cbfm gave 1st peak on cd18 with +ve ov stick, bbt on ff said I ov on cd20.
Is it normal for the 2 to be so far off. I assumed I would ov on the 2nd peak day of cbfm. My main worry is that if ff is right my LP is only 10 days, if cbfm is right it is 13 days which is much better right!
I am finding it all v confusing and have to know when I ov as hubby works away and we need to plan for him to be home at the right time iyswim.
Any ideas would be most welcome.


  • hello

    it may be that you have a long surge which is why the monitor has the peaks before the opk and BBT as the monitor picks up 2 hormones, you could well ov on the high after the second peak, a 10 day LP is not classed as problematic,

    good luck
  • I am not surprised you are confused! I have no advice on BBT but to be honest my advice would be stick to one method! It may be the CBFM peaks just before ovulation but your BBT just after I really don't know but I would be tempted to just stick try one for a couple of months then if not joy then try another.

    Good luck and I hope you get your BFP soon x
  • Thanks ladies,
    Guess i just need to start BDing with the first peak and continue on until after the high! I dont mind this its just that with hubby working away we dont get the opportunity to do so!!
  • just have sex every other day. i temped and used ff and it was accurate. my cbfm was sometimes 2 weeks out!!! i have long cycles so it never worked for me.
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