hi everyone, just wanted your opinions, I'm going to a spa tomorrow and am currently 11dpo so don't know if i'm pregnant or not. i know you're supposed to avoid certain rooms in spas if you're pregnant (though i don't know which ones or how big a deal it is) but the friends i'm gonig witrh don't know we're trying - what would you do?


  • Sorry I don't have any advice, but I would be intereted in any responses as I am in exactly the same situation, going to a spa on Sunday which I think will be 11dpo, with girls that don't know we are ttc!!! Spooky!!
  • You're not meant to do steam rooms, saunas or jacuzzis if pregnant - I'd google it though to make sure cos I don't want you missing out unnecessarily! Also your friends may get a little suspicious at your sudden enthusiasm for swimming when they're all in the hot tub! Teehee!! xx
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