Do's and don'ts in the 2ww

Hi Ladies,

Hope you're all well and full of that PMA to start 2010.

As the title says really. I am now CD20 (3DPO) and I wanted to know what the 'do's and don'ts' are in the 2ww.

I'm off alcohol (have been since ttc) and I'm just trying to look after myself generally too. Also been taking Folic Acid for the last 3 months.

Are there any specific things I should/shouldn't be doing? My BFP is due around 10th/11th January.

This may sound like a daft question too, but is it still ok to have sex during the 2ww?

Thanks, xx


  • sounds to me like you're doing everything you need to do already! we still have sex in the 2ww, tho usually less as we're so tired out from it around ov!!! LOL
  • You shouldnt only be taking folic acid but preg vitamin's. Which will have things in it like fish oil and vitamins B1-6 and B12. That will help with your energy levels too. im on 7dpo i rekon the hardest thing to do it not to stress
  • The only other thing is not to take Ibuprofen in the 2ww as it can interfere with implantation.

    Good luck x
  • Thanks Ladies. I've bought some pregnacare tablets today so have started taking them. Do I also need to take my Folic Acid tablets on top of these? But it does say that the Pregnacare tablets already have the RDA of Folic Acid.
    Thanks and babydust xxx
  • im from Australia so not sure what you guys measure in but over here u need to take atleast 500 micro grams of folic acid.
  • I've got the pregnacare tablets and you they already have all you need of folic acid so don't take anything extra with it.
    I got the ones for men too! HEHE. OH takes them religiously - its quite cute!
  • I take folic acid every day, very healthy diet, drink lots of water, limited alcohol and caffeine. However, I do have the odd treat- eg some pate, soft cheese and coffee over Christmas, and am enjoying a half glass of wine now even though I'm testing tomorrow. When I finally get my bfp I'll stick to all the recommendations of course. I have confirmed polycystic ovaries and have been trying for 7 months, so can't put life on hold as it may take many more months to conceive.
  • Hi hun, I'm due AF on the 10/11th as well, hopefully it stays away from both of us!! image As the other ladies have said there's nothing more you need to do and it's perfectly fine to continue havind sex (if you have the energy!)

    Good luck hun xx
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