Will it ever happen?!

Hi ladies,

It's bee a couple of month since I last posted - things have been up and down.

We've been ttc since May last year, fell pg in Aug but mc in Oct and on 5th cycle now since then. I know it isn't a long time in the grand scheme of things and may sound selfish even going on about this but I just feel so down - I'm fed up with monthly cycles, the waiting, the 2ww, the syptoms and trying not to look for them and the general roller coaster of ttc! Although only 5 cycles since mc, this is our 9th month of ttc.

We've tried OPKs and CBFM but the last couple of cycles have not used anything except natural signs of OV (EWCM & OV pains) as I think I know my body well enough now and the constant monitoring was making me more uptight. It just seems like nothing is working, I try not to think about it which makes me think about it!! I keep thinking about if there's something wrong with me or DH.

Everyone around me is getting pg either by accident or in first month of ttc and I can't face it anymore. I want a baby so so much.

Does anyone else feel like this? I'm thinking of booking a doctor's appt when we reach the year mark of ttc in May.

Thanks ladies and sorry for the ramble, just needed to vent.

Em xxxxxx


  • I know exactly how you feel hun, I havent been trying for as long as you just since last october, but i really really really want a baby, im sooo ready for it. i had a couple of regular cycles and now i am 22 days late no af and loads of bfn's im due to go to the docs next weekend if i dont get my af.

    Everyone at work is getting pregnant, all of them have only tried for 1 month and fell straight away, its soo upsetting, i feel like nature is being cruel to a certain few people and its not fair.

    Theres some people who dont even want kids and they fall pregnant straight away, how selfish is that!
    and then you get the likes of us who desperately want a baby and it doesnt happen and nature just messes with us.

    It isnt fair, and if there is a god up there, when i eventually get there i'll be having words lol xx

  • Thanks for your reply - it really is a test of patience hey? I am just finding it really hard.

    I talk to God about it already, before I get up there!
  • It is really hard, you have some words with him now and i'll have words with him later lol.

    Its definately cruel what nature is doing to us, everytime some one else at work announces their pregnant i just wanna cry.

    we'll get there eventually hun, just have to keep going. x
  • I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason girls. I believe that when its meant to be it will happen. (although that doesn't stop me constantly symptom spotting and getting dissapointed when AF comes) .

    I know how you feel when other people announce they are pg it does make us feel really jealous. We just need to calm down because the more stressed we get over it, the longer its going to take. ( I know its easier said then done tho).

    I am trying to stay positive and I am constantly doing things to try and relax me. Gettin massages from oH, long hot baths, nice long walks (excersize helps). It will happen for you xxxx
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